SMES Services

We are your “One Stop” for Stainless Steel Design, Manufacturing, and Installation!

When you purchase parts or equipment from SMES, our team works with you to ensure all facets of the project are communicated effectively to meet the specific needs of your operation. We design your stainless steel parts/equipment based on your complete specifications. Our fully-integrated production teams ensure seamless manufacturing from start to finish, and our service group installs and commissions your new capital investment quickly, efficiently and professionally. What this means for your project is complete control of quality, scheduling and cost containment.

Custom Stainless Steel Equipment Design/Build/Assembly/Installation

Following your specifications and drawings, we can create your prototype or one-of-a-kind design for parts, assemblies or equipment. We have experience with metals, plastics and composites.

Reverse Engineering / CAD Services

Show us a part you need reproduced and we can duplicate and document it.

Machinery repair & replacement parts

We can repair, modify or rebuild broken parts or assemblies to get your process back in action. You’ll be surprised at how cost and time effective sourcing your parts with us can be in comparison to ordering factory OEM replacement parts.

On-site evaluation

We are able to work with you on-site to help troubleshoot problems and formulate an approach to the most effective repair or re-manufacture.

Emergency breakdown service

Don’t lose valuable business! If your equipment is critical to your daily operations, you can request emergency service. You’ll be operational FAST!

Custom Machining

  • CNC Production and custom parts
  • Manual lathe and mill work
  • OEM replacement parts
  • Prototypes, jigs, fixtures and tooling
  • Line boring, bushing and sleeving
  • Shafts, screws and bearing fit repairs
  • Key seating, broaching and slotting
  • Spur and worm gear cutting and repairs
  • OD/ID, surface grinding and honing
  • Hydraulic pressing and straightening
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Spray welding
  • TIG welding (GTAW)
  • MIG welding (GMAW)
  • Stick welding (SMAW / MMA)

Additional Services

  • Reverse engineering
  • JIT storage and delivery of replacement parts
  • On-site evaluation on request
  • Pickup and delivery available

Other Services

From “design through delivery”, we can handle all of your industrial needs – expertly and efficiently. Let our experienced Engineering and Sales team help you design a product that will match your needs. We specialize in custom conveyor systems, prototypes, stairways, catwalks, and much more. We specialize in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum production including cutting, shearing, forming, rolling, welding and painting.

We can handle your custom machining needs. We specialize in Prototyping, Machine Building, Short Run Manufacturing, Repair and Replacement of Machine Components. Our capabilities include CNC Machining, turning, milling, laser cutting, water jet cutting and Plasma cutting. Our state-of-the-art software produces CNC programs for processing close tolerance parts using the most efficient processing methods available.

Risk Management

We offer a wide range of services designed to assist employers in complying with the myriad of government regulations, including the regulations issued by OSHA, EPA, DOT and more. Risk Management is here to help protect you from injuries. Services offered include on-site machine guarding surveys, risk assessments, guarding installation services and guarding supplies.

Rebuild or Refurbish a Machine
If you have an older machine that you would like to be rebuilt from the ground up, we can do just that. We will take a previously built machine that may be outdated, and rebuild it to either the same specifications or new ones that you provide.

We will also refurbish a machine. Parts will be replaced, modifications will be made to the machine, we will also restore the paint to like-new conditions and restore that new equipment look that always adds to your factory’s appearance. All of this will improve performance and also the looks of the machine.